vrijdag 17 juli 2009

2.. Paris .. Day one


Yesterday evening I came back from Paris. It was a very lovely trip and I will miss it!

The first day we had to get our thalys at 7.49
in Liege, so we had to wake up before 6 o'clock in the morning. My boyfriends dad brought us to Maastricht and that was realy nice of him! When we arrived at Gare du Nord it was 10.05. We bought some metro cards for 3 days and we went to our hotel. We couldn't check in, but it wasn't a problem to leave our lugguage there. After that we took the metro to the Sacre couer! It was sooo hot with my jeans on! I couldn't wait to go
back to the hotel to change! But it was lovely that the sun was shining! It made the church look so beautiful!

We climbed the stairs and we went inside! It was very amazing, but forbidden to take pictures!

This was the view from above:

After that we walked to montmarte, but I didn't take pictures. Then we took the metro to the new Opera, but we actually wanted to see the old one, Hahah so we looked at a few shops and I bought a lush soap for my granny and a Starbucks frappé.

Later we took the metro again ad we visited Tuilerie.

I love you!

We went to the arc de triomphe, but it was sooo busy because of July the 14th, it's a national celebration! There was a parade. And we walked a little bit towards another direction, but it didn't felt like a celebration. There were policemen, helicopters and the army strolling around. There was too much security! I really thought something bad was going to happen.

We walked to Champs Elysées and we went to the Louis Vuitton store and the gigantic sephora! My boyfriend bought me a beautifull Nars Deep throat blush and OPI big aple red nailpolish! So sweet:D! At louis we saw the Kanye West Sneakers that we both love very much! My boyfriend thought about getting them but he didn't want to ask the european price! We only knew the dollar price.. and that hurts your eyes. So we only looked and touched haha!

To be continued....

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