zondag 3 januari 2010

Some nice additions to my closeth :)

Sorry for my angry face:P.. New dress by H&M
Sexy dress by H&M :$
Leopard coat.. haven't worn it yet.. the tags are still on it..:(

Thights that I bought from jennifer (smurfkuh.net)..

Happy new year!!


I'm a bit late with this but here it goes..

2009 was a lovely year for me. I did some amazing stuff. I started this blog (wow so amazing) , I graduated with 2 bad grades, I went to Paris, I saved €600,- for Paris (that is amazing to me because I was always living from paycheck to paycheck and I didn´t really bought clothes for almost a half year), I went to Saint tropez for the 5th time, started a new study at the Fontys Lerarenopleiding Tilburg, I went to visit my best friend in Salamanca, and my boyfriend from 1,2 years broke up with me. But that is a good thing now.. :)

So I hope this year will be even more fantastic!!

The last two weeks I had a Christmas holiday and it was quite relaxing. I worked every morning and I bought a lotttt of things.. (I will show them to you in my next post)
I got a lovely christmas present from my parents, an iPod touch. :)

x x

vrijdag 1 januari 2010


Club Soho was very nice!

now time for some retards