woensdag 25 maart 2009

Deux, The goyard's so hard that I'm hugo's boss xD

hey! I'm very busy, but I've got some things for you:)....

And this is what I wore today and yesterday. It's so strange that I wore an outfit two days, because I don't do that usually.. I think it's because of the belt that I've found in my moms closet. haha it's almost 20 years old!!! And it's real leather! I love the color!

New shoes:D:D They are from Hugo boss. So it makes me think about that line from Kanye..
I've bought them at a factory outlet and they were sample shoes and there's nothing wrong with them. It also means that they aren't available in the offical stores yet.
My boyfriend, Yorrick helped me to purchase these beauties!! and also the saleswoman. SHE WAS TOOOOO SWEEET!!
They don't look very high in this picture but they are 4,5 inches :..
My highest heels so far! I've been walking on them nog everyday, and now its so strange to put on lower heels..because it feels wierd.. and low. xD

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