dinsdag 8 september 2009

Paris part 4

The last day we got up early to visit the Louvre museum.. We both love art stuff but we decided to only visit the romainian sculptures and Italian painters..including the Mona Lisa..
I loved all the paintings that we saw... It's so cool to see them when you're used to see them very very very very small in your history books..
In the afternoon we went shopping again because we saw everything that we wanted to..
So back to LV and the champs elysees... My baby was still thinking about buying those Louis Vuitton x Kanye Sneakers.. after he tried them on so.. In the mean while.. I bought my ray ban Cats 1000. I LOVE THEMMMM!!!! My prettiest sunglasses so far.. After visiting some other shops.. my baby decided to get his shoes.. and he is soo happy!! :D A great investment piece!


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