maandag 9 november 2009

Salamanca 2


Salamanca is soooo beautifull! I love it here! he weather is really nice right now.. and the sun is shining.. It´s not hot but it´s comfertable! I did a lot in the past few days. When I arrived saturday I had to wait a few hours in Valladolid before going to salamanca.. that was quite boring but I was so happy my friend sylke came to pick me up at the bus station there..
After the bustrip we went to the city centre and just walkerd around a little..then we had went out for dinner because one of her friends was celbrating her birthday. It was nice.. but I only ate an entry and a dessert because I'm practically a veggy.. I don´t like steak and fish that much haha..€
then we went out till 7.30 in the morning... woh my gosh.. I was soo tired.... so we slept till half past 1 and we went to the city again..:)..
Walked, walked,walked.. danced the macarena on the street and we drank some disguesting choclat milk.. and we ate pizza at Dominos.. and we went to bed early..We were so tired

Todayyyyy we visited the cathedral and we want to visit a museum that has an exposition of Erwin Olaf! I want see that so bad,, but everytime we walk past it.. it is closed!!

Tonight it´s tapa´s time!! And party time again..

x x Pictures come tomorrow

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