vrijdag 19 februari 2010

First award!

Wow my first award! Never thought I'd get one:).. cause I'm so lazy to make new posts! So thank you very much Ginney : http://glossymurda.blogspot.com/ Check her out! She's hawt :D!

So now 7 facts about me!!!:

1) I'm such a party girl. I go out every weekend and last week I celebrated Carnaval every fucking day. From Friday 2 o clock in the afternoon till Tuesday 5 o'clock in the morning! That is kind of die-hard. But I just love it! I'll show you some more pictures soon! They are so funny! I mostly go to Club Soho in Roermond, cause it's so easy for me to got there. It's only 5 to 10 minutes away from my home. But my favourite club is Le Papagayo in Saint tropez. I went there 2 years ago and last summer! Met so many lovely people there! And i can't wear flat shoes. I can only dance in heels! haha

2) I still go on holiday with my parents. Though this will be the last year:(.. We go to Saint tropez. No.. No yachts, champagne or jet-ski. Just a small house, sun, white beaches and drinking a lot of rose wine in the night! This summer will be the 6th time I'll go there so I have a lot of friends that come to every year. :) Especially Lisa and Alexander:). They are the best! :D

3) I'm really happy being single! Sometimes I miss having a boyfriend, but all the guys I dated the last few months, just weren't what I'm looking for. I'm much more pickier that 2 years ago.

4) I am studying to become a Teacher. My main course is English. I attend the Fontys Leraren Opleing in Tilburg and I love it. It's really difficult, so I was thinking about quitting, but my lovely classmates help me a lot with my pronounciation and grammar! I started my internship 3 weeks ago and it's the best evaarrr!! Not that I had an interneship before. But it made me realise this is what I really want.

5) I photograph a lot! I love love love it. I started it 3 or 4 years ago and I can't wait to get my new camera! If you have Hyves, add this hyve please!..


6) As soon as my collegefund is on my bankaccount. I go shopping. But I'm going to stop that and save that money now.. But I don't know when cause next weekend I'm going to Antwerp with my best friend Sylke as a birthdaygift. My brother lives there and he attends the Hoge school van de schone kunsten! He is a very talented Illustarter, Designer and Artist! As soon as his website is finished I'll show it. :)

7) I'm addicted to Dior Make-up. It is sick Last year I think I bought stuff for over a 100 euro's. I have 4 quads. The jazz club smokey jazz, The gaucho eye palette, 2 mono's ready to biege and brown sugar(or something like that) and 2 older neutral quads. But I'm glad I'm so broke every month that i can't buy it anymore.

Now I give this award to:

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