woensdag 14 april 2010

And oh my godd I can't believe it..

I've never felt like this before..

I have some amazing news. I'm back to blogging, because I'm in desperate need of inproving my English and my camera is working again.. So I'm very very happy today.

So what is going on with me right now.?

Not a lot I can say:(.. I just go to school and my iternship. I'm a trainee at a school for secondary education in Breda. I still live in Roermond though, so I'm quite happy that it's over next week so that I won't have to travel so much anymore. I do love my internship a lot, it really opened up my eyes and made sure that I made the right decision to go to FLOT..

So now I'm going tomake some pictures that I will post tomorrow.. at least I hope so:)..

xxxx <3

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